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"Recognise your limitations - then do your best to ignore them."

Ever-so- slightly adapted from The Little Book Of Stress.

Beginning Saturday 25thApril Welshpool Methodist's Church 10.30-3.00

Welcome to this site and to 'Feeling and Being.' Here you will be able to find out about our work, our ideas, as well as booking the above workshops and other events by using the contact page. You will also find a blog section where we will share news, interviews and your feedback. In the meantime, why not find out a little bit more about 'Feeling and Being.' and what we offer. Thank you - and enjoy your look around. Steve and Rosie, January 2020.

                      Here's some news to share with you

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Hi, Steve here.

Exciting news. In April 2020 we will be celebrating the relaunch of the Chasing the Sun workshops and the birth of Feeling and Being itself with a monthly Saturday workshop programme, where we hope to introduce you to a number of our ideas and how you might go about using them in an way which is is both accessible and easy to continue. Do come along and have some fun and tell people you know. The details of costs etc you will find on our booking page.

At 'Feeling and Being' we work primarily with story, from simple anecdote and shared memories to traditional folk and fairy tales and myth. For the most part people have lost both the ability and need to tell and work with stories, regarding them in a far too simple manner as something merely for children, to be eventually 'grown out of.' 

Quite the contrary, stories are the best lost wisdom we have and which we must do our best to cling on to.  All the  great themes of love and war, passion, sorrow and laughter, all the teaching we've ever need is to be found in stories. Thankfully we can find them not just in storybooks or on television, but in all kinds of places, one or two of them expected. One of the shortest and most famous stories goes like this: 'One dark and stormy night, two men sat in a cave and one said to the other, "Jim, tell us a story." So he did. 

'One dark and stormy night, two men sat in a cave. One said to the other, etc etc.

You see, all the story tells us, apart from the joke itself, is that life,like certain stories, goes on.

And sometimes on and on.

And it doesn't often change.

And you often wish it would.

Until change happens and then we're very rarely ready for it.!

Feeling and Being is all about change, about the way we choose to deal with it and how prepared we are for it. We use a new and exciting idea which itself uses the seasons of the year to aid our dealing with, understanding and anticipation of change.  It's called ''The Year in Mind and you can find out more details on the page about it.

In our new set of 'Chasing the Sun' workshops we will explore the ideas behind 'The  Year in Mind' about change and also deal with other problems in life and our individual make up which make dealing with change even more difficult.

In time this will also be available as an audio course. In the meantime, if you're the sort of person to whom a voice matters, the contents of this and other pages will soon be available  as audio clips.

Thank you.

Some inspiration...

and contemplation....

He wishes for the cloths of Heaven

Had I the heaven's embroidered cloths,
Enwrought with golden and silver light,
The blue and the dim and the dark cloths
Of night and light and the half-light,
I would spread the cloths under your feet:
But I, being poor, have only my dreams;
I have spread my dreams under your feet;
Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.

by W.B. Yeats



Moon lit plum tree-
spring will come.

haiku 127 by Basho.

Yoshiwara Lament

Golden peacocks
Under blossoming cherry-trees,
But on all the wide sea
There is no boat.

haiku by AmyLowell

River Reflection

Standing by the river, my face grew
Into a flat fish and floated off
to a lily pad, and I was lonely
without myself, without my twin.

The river kept going on and on,
talking to itself dark thoughts,
and the rain started pattering on my face,
so that I looked like a spotted leaf.

And my eyes searched the river for my past
that might lie thick and slow underneath-
until somebody called my name,
and I walked home, turning my back on myself.

By Jackie Kay

Start Your Journey

Some inspiration........

I recognise my courage and my fear, my naivety and wisdom, and I make a place for each at my table....

from When I Loved Myself Enough by Kim McMillen

The great voice rang out like a silver trumpet in the stillness. It was a private moment for a bard who who had been given back his voice and a princess who had forgotten to be scared for a while. The Seven - Steve Gladwin

           The Grove

Here's a quote that we really like:

"A person may appear a fool and not be one. He may only be guarding his wisdom carefully"

from the Little Book of Zen Wisdom!

"Feeling and Being" use a lot of ideas from stories and traditional tales, as you can see from our gallery where most of the great themes and ideas first originated. A great number of these, from the Old Testament and Shakespeare, up to Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones, begin with a journey. Even the longest journeys begin with the shortest step. All any of us have to do is take the first one.

If you are interested in our storytelling work, please see the page 'Stories of Feeling and Being.'

Chase the Sun

Enjoy new ways of feeling and being when you...

Chasing your sun can be the unexpected thing. It can involve following  the smallest aspiration or the largest. It is also having the courage to face any obstacles that might involve.

A lot of plans begin with accepting your strengths and weaknesses or as Kim McMillen says,
"I forgave myself for the all the times when I thought I wasn't good enough."

We all have worth in ideas and skills but just need to encourage them gently out into the sunlight.....

Say hello to "Feeling and Being"

I love the mixture of shock and delight on people's faces when they can see what they're really capable of and how easy it is.

Steve Gladwin
Teacher/Practitioner, Writer and Storyteller.

The River Vyrnwy and the Meifod valley continue to inspire both of us and create a gentle and continuing magic of calm and stillness.

The Place of Inspiration.
Meifod Valley and River Vyrnwy.

"I love working in a spontaneous way with words and image. and in solid form, including textiles. I love seeing creations come to life."

Rose Foran
Artist and Nurturer.



Steve achieves everything so seamlessly that it appears as if by magic. I explain that outline, the issues, the challenge and what he provides is a beautifully coherent structure. He reveals some golden nuggets

Laura Trefor - Paddlebrook Arts

The Year in Mind cycle opens up a more creative from of working with grief and loss to which clients may be able to relate.


Alison Trott- Powys Teaching Health Board 

If I tried to articulate what Steve does, maybe I could try to do so, but the closest I can say is that he weaves a lifetime of knowledge and skill into it. I am more than happy to recommend his work to anyone.

Pat Smail - Fragon Tales




Rose is a natural nuturer and loves encouraging and seeing people be all that they can be..

Ponthsfren Welshpool - Creative Expression Workshops.

Rose is such a joy to work with. She can envision easily what is required as she has a wonderful and imagistic imagination.


Pat Smail - Paddlebrook Arts

She is capable of creating and designing various types of creations from pencil to fabric. These are often the most unique pieces that I have seen. 

Fragon Project

In order to learn better how to help people, Rosie was willing to become a group member. In doing so, she gained valuable insight into how she could best help as a teacher.

Chasing the Sun and The Year in a Day Workshops



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.Email: imagepoet7@gmail.com/ Phone: 01938 500728/ 07485007189

The 'Chasing the Sun' workshops are £35 per workshop. After the first introductory workshop, the three remaining workshops are available in a block at a reduced rate. Limited concessions are also available for all our workshops. Please let us know when you contact us. All workshops require a deposit of £12 to secure your place.

Hi there,

If you want to book all or one of our four 'Chasing the Sun' workshops, please use the form to your left, leaving your details and requirements, or should you prefer, by e mailing or phoning/texting the numbers above. We will then send you full details about the course, the dates and times and how to go about booking.  Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you.


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The dates of our workshops are as follows.

 Saturday 25th April, 23rd May, 27th June and 25th July. They all take place on a Saturday. We meet from 10.30 for a 11.00 start and should finish by 3.00. Tea, coffee and refreshments are provided but not lunch for the first meeting. Thank you.

Steve and Rosie


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