Feeling right and being right.


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Have you ever wanted to be creative or try something creative?

But been a little nervous? Shy maybe about mixing with other people?

Well, we can all feel like that at times and we look on with envy at others with their super-confidence , (or any confidence at all!) Regardless of which of these people you belong too, you are welcome in our 'Ways of Feelings and Beings Workshops".

Even though its still cold out there, you can come out of hiding and be part of something unusual.
As each workshop takes place, news will be here about what we took part in , the fun we had in creativity and the results of it. So those who take part can sit back and be proud of their achievements no matter how small or large! Because lets face it, in cold weather, its sometimes an achievement getting out of the house!

   Abstract Sun by Rose

Abstract Moon by Rose