Steve is a highly experienced and open, friendly teacher with thirty five plus years of teaching under his belt. He has worked at further education colleges in Grimsby, Bridgwater in Somerset and Newtown, Powys, as well as two years teaching adult drama projects in Welshpool, and confidence building and creative expression workshops for adults at all three Ponthafren centres in Welshpool, Newtown and Llanidloes. In between working with just about every age group and type of student, he has run theatre and storytelling companies in both Somerset and Powys, as well as the first 'Chasing the Sun' workshops in 2012-13. He is also one of the founder members of 'Bereaved Friends' in Welshpool, which began in 2009. He has run a variety of different workshops on loss and  change, with various Powys primary schools, Meifod school and CRUSE Powys. In addition Steve is a published children's writer, whose first book, The Seven -also on the theme of loss - was short listed for the Tir na N-og prize in 2014. Steve is one of the carer's champions of North Powys.


I enjoy helping people to produce the skills and ideas they didn't know they had.


Rose is an enthusiastic and resourceful woman who has a diversity of skills achieved through paid and voluntary work.  Loves creativity, originality and integrity.
Have worked with children and adults with various abilities and especially those with learning difficulties and physical challenges. Some of these places were Aberystwyth, Ponthafren in Welshpool with creative workshops and Arts Connection. Enjoy working on a one-to-one basis aiding the person's strengths and ideas. Also like the challenges of working on lottery funded projects. Have achieved a BA Honours in Art History and English Literature as well as Higher Education in the Foundation Phase and Business Training. Enjoy accepting freelance commissions in art and am a Published artist and poet.

I love challenges and helping others see and find the best within themselves, which we all have hidden!