Stories of Feeling and Being

As well as employing stories and storytelling techniques in our normal work with 'Feeling and Being', we have been involved in a number of varied community story and drama projects, where again once more people have ended up enjoying things they never dreamed they would.

05 The Cauldron Born
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06 Birth
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07 Dreams Of Rebirth
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I The Song of Taliesin CD, adapted from the book by John Matthews by Spintale was released. It involved Steve himself in the title role, Jem Dick, who also produced it and played an astonishing array of instruments, nearly all self-created, as the Little Monk, and storyteller  Sharon Jacksties in the role of the goddess A labour of love, it seemed to have been created in a white hot fever of awen. Now at last, the double CD will be available for you to hear and experience online Here as a taster, is the whole of the cauldron scene, in which the young Gwion Bach first experiences all the power and horror of his newly awakening awen, only to find that Ceridwen, the witch goddess, who he has robbed of the essence of the first 'three drops', is seeking revenge. After a series of transformations to escape her, she finally captures him in her form of a red-backed hen and swallows him down, down. Here then is the whole of that story.

Lone Wolf 1.
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Here we are bringing folk tale and myth to life through drama working with the tale called "Departure of the Giants".

This took place as a drama piece at Olford School in Welshpool.

At Carrog Village Hall performing "From Ravens' Call to Swallows Flight".These are tales from the book titled "The Raven's Call" about loss, change and transformation.

There is a published book that contains the stories and also companion art pieces.

Here is Steve creating enchantment for all the family with a story trail at Dolforwyn Woods.

Various stories unfolded along the trail with flute music. It was part of a fundraising project to help people be aware of the wood's value.

One of a series of events which helped to raise funds to keep the woods in the hands of Montgomeryshire Wildlife.

Here we see the "Prigger-Prancer" from the St. John's Fair Workshop. This was performed with a group of adult children's writers from the Scattered Author's Society. It took place at Folly Farm. near Bristol.

The Company of the Raven
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This is the first story in th cycle of 'The Year in Mind. Steve's eerie story of a group of Edwardian gentleman who tried to cheat death, was begun beside a warm coal fire at Folly Farm, (see below)